Great Gift Baskets For The Man In Your Life

Check-in was quick and almost painless. although the night clerk tried to charge my CC after i told him I was paying cash. I also asked him to file a CC for phone calls and room service and such. I was then told I couldn’t make a toll call to my daughter because I had paid in cash. Annoying to say the least. I also paid for my brother’s room as he had not yet arrived. When he did arrive, I was wandering around downtown Dallas. Scott had no problem getting his key whatsoever.

We decide to go to the Broken Spoke for cooling refreshments and some lunch. We enter the parking area to find even more bikes. We work our way around the lot and could not find adequate parking. We had decided to leave and try another place when I spotted two places right next to the exit. We rush and take the places before anyone else realizes they are there!

We spend the entire day walking, sitting and taking in a lot of fluids (it is hot on the pavement!) up and down the Wiers. One thing I start to notice is the lack pof vendors. I see areas that are usually full of vendor tents empty. The bike traffic is much less than I have seen in the past. The crowd also is smaller; Perhaps it the heat? Perhaps it is the time of year? But I think it is due to the atmosphere. If you go back in history and look at Laconia Bike Week from 15 years ago, it has changed a lot! The event is turning away from a “true” biker event and transforming into a family event. I think this is why the crowd has dwindled and the bikes are fewer.

I haven’t found a lot of advice on this subject. However, a true experience I read on the internet was quite insightful. A young traveling man accidentally put diesel into his vehicle. Because his blunder resulted in a low ratio of diesel to regular gasoline, he filled his tank with regular gasoline and other additional treatments. He drove away and saved his engine. If there had been too much diesel in the tank though he would not have been able to do that. You can read his story at the following blog.

If you carry a wallet, consider investing in a money clip. Transfer any credit cards you may need, your I.D., and some small bills to a money clip and keep them in your front pocket. Money clips are often less discernible than a wallet. Plus, only taking what you need minimizes your chance at losing everything should you be robbed.

Keeping money, identification, and credit cards on you is often a must, but that doesn’t mean its a “must know.” Consider your money and your credit cards your private belongings and keep them that way. Never pull you wallet when you are in public. Keep money tucked away in a sock, a hidden pocket, or in another inconspicuous place.

Blue on Blue Bobby Vinton released this song in 1963. It was on an album by the same name. The entire album was devoted to songs referring to the color blue.