Perfect Family Weekend Getaway To Dallas, Texas

If you are planning to hold large gatherings, the Park Inn Suites Arlington is a great place. It has budget friendly rates for hosting large numbers of people for social gatherings, parties and so on. It is also great for a family getaway over the weekend.

Kindle Wireless: All travelers read. Even guys who never read at home read when they’re traveling. Everyone agrees the Amazon Kindle wireless reading device is the best e-reader on the market. The beauty of the e-reader is that you can carry an entire library in one lightweight device. He can take a few books with him and download more while he’s traveling. If he’s a reader, he will love the Kindle – guaranteed. If he’s not, he will appreciate it while he’s traveling and then let you use it when he gets home. Either way, you can’t lose with Kindle.

One of the biggest mistakes men make when they travel to luxurious destinations is acting like they should be there. Many high end tourists attractions around the world tend to be in places that are the complete opposite. If your traveling to a destination that isn’t so beautiful outside the confines of your hotel, your not going to want to look like a tourist, especially one who has a large amount of money. No one is telling you to dress like a vagrant and carry around a cup asking for change, but what I am suggesting is you use caution when deciding what to wear, what to carry, how you carry things, and how you store important documents.

If you carry a wallet, consider investing in a money clip. Transfer any credit cards you may need, your I.D., and some small bills to a money clip and keep them in your front pocket. Money clips are often less discernible than a wallet. Plus, only taking what you need minimizes your chance at losing everything should you be robbed.

The traveling man is symbolic of somebody who is always on the move towards his destination. He is like an express train that never stops at the local stations. This means, that the bumps and blockage, which occurred, he just passed them by, because his purpose is to reach his intended destination. Although there are hurdles and obstacles in his way, his eyes would never see them, all he sees is the result.

North of Dallas you will find fun free things do to as well. Head to the Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm in Allen, Tx. Each month they have a different free weekly event during the summer such as “Live on the Green”, featuring different musical groups from 7pm-9:30 Fridays, Movie on the Green Thursdays or Yoga on the green Saturdays. Visit their website under special events for a calendar of current happenings.

Only the Lonely This was the first major hit for singer Roy Orbison. Recorded in 1961, it was an operatic ballad. A sound unheard of at that time in the music era.

Thursday night will start off with a roar as Lone Star 92.5 brings back Bike Night for the 2012 riding season after a winter hiatus. Randy James and crew will be at O’Sheas Pub & Grill on Highway 26 in Hurst from 7p – 9p. Randy will be riding the Lone Star Harley-Davidson and giving everyone the chance to win tickets to .38 Special, the Dallas Stars v. Phoenix Coyotes game, and the good Guys Rod and Custom Show.