Zombie Apocalypse To Hit Deep Ellum! Is Your Dog Ready?

Mike doesn’t consider himself a commercial photographer, he considers himself an artist who gains commission from a commercial industry. “I love what I do” Mike pronounces as the session draws near its end. Many hours have passed. The model is exhausted. The fashion team has already begun packing her gear to go.

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For nearly a decade, Frankie was the frontman for the popular greaser, punk band, Spector 45. This band was voted Best Punk Act in the Dallas Observer Music Awards in both 2009 and 2010. Spector 45 headlined The Bone’s New Year’s Eve celebration. No one would have dreamed that this would be this talented young man’s last performance.

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With places throughout the city, there are a wide variety of Dallas lofts. Most of them are located in urban areas and tend to be a very short range from well-known restaurants, cafes, and music locations. This makes the Dallas lofts very popular with younger people, but there’s also many business types who live in these lofts. A lot of the workers of the major Dallas, TX businesses choose to live close to work in the Dallas lofts.

Old Dan Tucker: This is an old minstrel song from the mid 1840s. Like most minstrel songs, it was originally supposed to be a boasting song about a rough and ready black man. It eventually was meant to portray a mythical wild frontiersman that tall tales could be told about. There are hundreds of verses about Old Dan Tucker; I have included just a couple in The great American Camp Fire Song Book.

Pocket knives. These items are great for outdoorsmen. This promotional item comes in different sizes that have different tools inside. You can keep the pocket knife as a simple or complex tool depending on your choice. Each time the recipient use it, the company is being advertised to anyone who sees it.

Lone Star has made O’Sheas their base camp for the weekend and will also be holding their Bringing in the Weekend party with Bo Dillon on Friday and a lot of St. Paddy’s revelries are on the menu for Saturday.