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Important Details Regarding the History of Marijuana in The US
Marijuana has a very long history in the united states. On the mention of marijuana in those early days, people could tremble. Through marijuana, very many people got to be imprisoned. Marijuana also has some link with racism in the united states. Detailing the history of marijuana in the united states is the main objective of this piece of writing.
It is important to note that the first presidents of the united states grew the marijuana crop. Among them were Thomas Jefferson and George Washington The versions of marijuana that one can grow are many. The type of marijuana version that was grown by the presidents is known as cannabis sativa L. One trait that defines this cannabis sativa L is that has very low amounts of THC. In growing marijuana, the president did not intend to use it for smoking.
Marijuana for smoking came from Asia, and that is very many years ago. From Asia, the marijuana went into Europe. When the marijuana began being used in the united states, the pioneering state to pass legislation against its use was Texas. It is racial differences on marijuana that caused the law to be passed in Texas. So that you can learn much more details about marijuana, it is important that you consider using the weed documentary.
It is critical to appreciate that there is a lot of interest in people wanting to know the reason as to why marijuana became criminalized in the united states. Marijuana criminalization was championed by a man known as Harry Anslinger. The main reason why harries wanted marijuana to be criminalized was a racial reason. For example, Harry said that because of marijuana, the Mexicans murdered their white neighbors. It is important to note that most of these accusations by Harry were false. In the year nineteen thirty-seven, the marijuana tax act was passed, and this law imposed high taxes on marijuana.
It often has a very bumpy road to legalizing marijuana in the united states. California was the pioneer state to make marijuana legal. The reason for the legalization was medicinal. Though marijuana has been legalized, there are still very many strict laws that govern marijuana. It is going to take not more than two years to get marijuana made legal. Many candidates that are running for the elective post have put the legalization of marijuana in their agenda. This details on the history of marijuana in the Us are very important to have.