Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger did not know ozil has missed the Golden Globes

Premier League Giants arsenal will travel to Sunderland. Today, arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger was attended by Coach the sports weekly press conference before the game. Press Conference, Wenger made a modest goal. He was congratulating Mesut ozil into a Golden Globe for the new 30-man squad (Germans have actually been eliminated), drew reporters wonder. After learning the truth, Wenger seems to be in order to smooth things over, he criticized some people are too obsessed with personal honor, the British media that Wenger said this was Ronaldo.

As we all know, Wenger individual honors for Golden Globes is not cold. Press Conference, a reporter estimated was temporary, he raised the question: “Please tell me something about your view of ozil wins the Golden Ball list, congratulations, ozil? “The reporters do not know ozil does not list this questioning of his peers confused, but I didn’t know the problem but Wenger introduced in the gutter.

“I’ve always believed that football is a team project, and we have to respect that. When players have to think team first, rather than his own. “Wenger stressed:” of course, I would like to congratulate those who are good players, and I’m happy for their wonderful play. But you look at the past results of the Golden Ball award, you will find such a selection is not fair, we know deep down inside that what players are the best, we have a steelyard. Let us pay more attention to what the players for the team. “Although Wenger did not point out these player enamored of personal honor, but journalists believe Wenger said was Ronaldo.

Press Conference, Wenger permit by Coach Bags and sports reporters real team’s new signing Lucas-Peres truce of 6-8 weeks of time due to injury. “Because of an ankle injury, Peres was absent for some time. I think he’s probably going to Miss 6-8 week. That bother people, Perez has worked very hard, the injury is too stupid, because the opponent fouls too malicious, that action is not necessary. The foul and Zacca red card is similar, but this time it escaped the referee’s red card. “Wenger said.